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Maximizing Injectable Results by Enhancing Skin Structure – Attiva iRF

June 18, 2024

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Photo of an Attiva treatment

As an NP-C deeply involved in the world of aesthetic medicine, I’m always on the lookout for innovative technologies that not only enhance treatment outcomes but also ensure long-lasting satisfaction for my clients. Today, I want to talk about how Attiva is setting new standards in our approach to structural skin enhancement.

What is Attiva?

Attiva, by Reveal Lasers, represents the pinnacle of subdermal induced heat technology. It’s not just about surface-level changes; it’s about creating a robust framework beneath the skin. This revolutionary technology targets the structural depths of the skin, activating a series of biological responses that result in the formation of new collagen and elastin. What does this mean for you or your clients? It means more resilient, supportive skin that enhances and extends the effects of neuromodulators and injectable fillers.

The Role of Structural Skin Enhancement

Let’s break it down a bit – we all know that fillers are fantastic for adding volume and contouring the face. However, without a solid foundation, even the best fillers can fall short of their potential. This is where Attiva shines. By enhancing the skin’s structural integrity from within, Attiva ensures that any volumizing treatments have the support they need to truly transform the appearance, maintaining a natural yet profoundly rejuvenating effect.

Ideal for Professionals and Patients Alike

For my fellow aesthetic professionals, integrating Attiva into your practice could revolutionize how you approach facial treatments. The technology is designed for efficiency and effectiveness, with treatment sessions that integrate seamlessly into your current offerings. And for those considering the treatment, imagine a solution that not only improves your skin’s volume but its quality and durability as well.

A Commitment to Youthful Resilience

With Attiva, we’re not just treating the skin; we’re empowering it. By building a sturdy, resilient framework underneath, the skin’s surface not only looks more youthful but is fundamentally healthier. While we aren’t talking about “tightening” in the traditional sense, the outcome is unmistakably a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Whether you’re a provider looking to elevate your practice or a patient seeking a safe and effective treatment, Attiva is worth your attention.

Happy Injecting!
Erika Barry
Injector Bunny


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